Marybeth Lawton - Candidate for Selectman
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Thank you for taking the time to visit our Web Site.

My name is Marybeth Lawton and I am currently a candidate for the three-year seat on the Board of Selectmen in Bridgewater.

This site was developed to be user-friendly and allow me to hear what you have to say about Bridgewater. I believe that we have all invested in Bridgewater just by choosing to live here. Now I want to hear what you have to say about our town....your concerns, ideas, questions and comments. As an unenrolled voter I believe I can be your voice on the Board of Selectmen with a non-partisan agenda. I intend to work hard to do that and provide our town with a strong, bright future. So please log on and share your point of view with me.

This Web Site is broken down into a number of different areas:

  • A Letter to the Voters: Why I want to be your three-year term representative on the Board of Selectmen for Bridgewater.

  • Press Releases: Bridgewater Independent January 17, 2002
    The Enterprise - to be announced.

  • Volunteer: Let us know if you can help out with the campaign...time, money, energy are all gratefully accepted.

  • Calendar of Events: Upcoming date of debates leading up to election day and cable station appearances. Local access cable station appearance "Candidate's Corner" January 25th to 29th.

  • Related Links: Find out more about the beautiful town in which we live, work and enjoy.

  • E-Mail Us: Please let us know what you think, your ideas for Bridgewater or whatever is on your mind concerning town government.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our Web Site. I hope to meet and speak with you personally at some point before the election. Remember, your vote, every vote is important so please vote Lawton for Selectman on Saturday, April 27th. Thank you.


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