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2011 Agent & ISO Conference -
A Huge Success!

On behalf of the entire Merchant Warehouse and Capital Bankcard staff, we’d like to thank those of you that attended our Second Annual Agent & ISO Conference! The positive feedback we have received has just been overwhelmingly.

The main goal of the conference was to give you the knowledge, motivation and tools you need to become more successful in the field. I think we accomplished much more than that. We have built a foundation that promotes openness and feedback, but also mutual respect and trust. The executives and staff now have a greater understanding of who you are and your "pain" points. We have brought back a set of action items that are focused on – "What can we do to make your job easier?" - which will be our priority for the upcoming year.

As we mentioned in our closing remarks, we have a lot of exciting things in store for you in Q4 and continuing through 2012, so please check your Capital News emails and ISO Headquarters for news updates.

Solidify Your Reputation with CPP
Certification – Deadline October 1st!

 The Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) has announced a new certification program that will increase your professional credibility and competitive advantage in the payments industry. The new Payment Professional (CPP) certification is an opportunity that will set a new standard for expertise in the payments industry. We are highly encouraging our agents to participate in this program if you have at least one year of experience in the Industry.

To become CPP certified, you must pass the 150 question, multiple choice exam. For more information, FAQ’s and more details on this exam (including a handbook, sample questions and rules), please visit the website.

To sign up, just click here and be sure to list Merchant Warehouse as your employer. To receive the $325 ETA member rate, you must list Merchant Warehouse as both your employer and as the ETA member.

CB App Express – Tear Through
Applications in Half the Time!

 CB App Express is an online tool that allows you to complete and submit signed applications onsite with your iPad. This new tool dramatically speeds up the application process so you'll increase productivity and have more opportunities to write more business.

If you already have an iPad, you can find the app in the store by typing in Capital Bankcard App Express. To get access to the online application, we will need to set up an account for you. To set up your account, please email

EXCLUSIVE OFFER - Get 12 approvals with CB App Express and we will reimburse you for your iPad!*

Customer Service Updates

Beginning in 2012, any merchant who does not verify their information and match with the IRS, the IRS will begin withholding 28% of all deposits processed until the information is verified and matches their system. Although funds will no longer be held after their information is verified, the funds that the IRS did hold will not be released until the next tax year (2013). Therefore, it is imperative that we verify and submit the correct information regarding your merchant's businesses.

Capital Bankcard will be proactive in getting this information corrected for merchants and we will notify you when this outbound communication begins to take place. Any Merchant who calls into Capital Bankcard that has an IRS mismatch will be asked to verify their Tax ID & Legal Filing Name. (Spelling, punctuation, etc. will need to match) If they are unable to verify this information on the call, an email goes out with a link to verify later.

When you see these updates, you should assist in contacting your merchant to stress the importance to them of getting this information correct. Remember by 2012, if the information does not match then 28% of all their deposits will be held.

We will keep you posted on our efforts to validate your merchant's information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Thanks!

Amex OnePoint Residuals

Recently, we have been paying Agents AMEX OnePoint residuals one month in advance before we were actually paid for them. Going forward, we will not be paying these in advance. We want to make sure they are paid out accurately.

In order to correct this, there will be no Amex OnePoint residuals with your August 2011 pay. This pay will show up in your September 2011 paycheck.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact: with any questions.

Principis Contacts

For support relating to Principis Cash Advance, please contact Amanda Brown or Ran Beng.

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