Project Recording Studio

Audio Recording Project StudioOur studio has state of the art digital recording equipment and professional level instruments, amplifiers and microphones.

We use Sonar Professional recording software that allows recording of an infinite number of I/Os for Audio and MIDI tracks. Sonar delivers pristine audio quality using up to 24 bit/192kHz sampling rates. Sonar allows "comping" to easily record multiple takes, and select desired passages of the track, as well as automation features to adjust volume, gain, and panning within single tracks. Sonar provides a full arsenal of effects for Delay, Distortion, Dynamics, Parametric EQ, Filters, Guitar, Modulation, Pitch Shift, Reverb, Surround Sound and FX Chains for individual instruments. A set of nineteen instruments including Studio Instruments: Bass Guitar, Drums, Pianos, Strings; Addictive Drums 2, Session Drummer, as well as, Rapture Session, Roland GrooveSynth, PSYNII sequencers are provided as well.

Recording system hardware includes:

Recording Worksation and Keyboards

Instruments and Equipment

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Martin guitars

Acoustic Guitars

  • Martin D-28
  • Martin 000-15M with K&K Pure Mini Pickup
 Gibson J-45, Epiphone AJ-45ME

Acoustic Guitars

  • Gibson J-45 with Anthem SL Pickup
  • Epiphone AJ-45ME with Shadow Nanoflex Pickup
 Guild F-1512E, Taylor GS7

Acoustic Guitars

  • Guild F-1512E with Fishman Sonitone Pickup
  • Taylor GS7 with Expression System Pickup
Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gibson Es-330L

Electric Guitars

  • Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • Gibson ES-330L
Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster, PRS CE-24

Electric Guitars

  • Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster
  • PRS CE-24
Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster

Electric Guitars

  • Fender American Telecaster
  • Fender American Stratocaster HSS
Fender Deluxe Reverb, Marshal DSL-40C

Guitar Amplifiers

  • Fender Deluxe Reverb
  • Marshall DSL-40C
  • Roland Cube 60 (not shown)
Fender American Precision Bass, Hartke A-35 Bass Amp

Electric Bass Guitar and Amp

  • Fender American Precision Bass
  • Acoustic B100C Bass Amp
Yamaha P-255, Nord Electro 6D,  Hammond A-100


  • Nord Electro 6D Piano/Organ/Synth
  • Yamaha P-255 Piano
  • Hammond A-100 Organ
  • Kurzweil PC2R Rackmount Sound Module (not shown)
Motion Sound KP-100s and Leslie 145 amplifiers

Keyboard Amplifiers

  • Motion Sound KP-100S
  • Leslie 145
Roland Drums TD-07KVX


  • Roland TD-07KVX Electronic Drum Set with Simmons DA200SB Amplifier
  • Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine Sound Module
  • Tambourine, Cabasa, Maracas, Shakers


  • AKG - C1000S (2)
  • Astatic - JT30RH
  • Audi-Technica - AT4050
  • Heil Sound - PR 22 (2)
  • RØDE - NT1000
  • Sennheiser - e945, e906 (2)
  • Shure - Beta 87 (4), SM58 (2), SM57 (2), PE54D, SM7B
Recording Worksation

Recording Workstation

  • Dell Inspiron 5593 with Sonar Professional
  • Roland Studio Capture USB 2.0 16X10 Audio Interface
  • Alesis M1 Active MKII Powered Studio Reference Monitors

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