Video WorkstationKeyWebStop offers video recording and production facilities to present video in various formats, utilizing a range of distribution methods. Finished products include fully edited movies with titles, credits and transitions. We can prepare movies for use in web pages, e-mail or DVD distribution.


MOVIES - Production of high quality movies begins with using good quality cameras and state of the art media. We use digital video cameras and MiniDV format digital tape for the recording of movies. Editing, titling, transition and effects are created using either Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, or iMovie, depending on client requirements. more info >

CONVERT TAPE to DVD - Many families and organizations have hours of valuable movies existing on older VHS analog tape. There has been much written and discussed about how the mylar tape used in VHS cassettes is subject to degradation. Allow us to convert your tapes to a digital format that you can view on your DVD Player. more info >


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