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Fidelity Investments

Given visual design specifications, functional requirements and PDF and graphic files, the following Email pages were hand coded using HTML and CSS and thoroughly tested to ensure they display properly in various Email clients.

FIAM Promotional EmailFIAM Insight and OutlookFIAM Distribution Weekly

89 Degrees, Inc.

89 Degrees

Given the visual design specifications, functional requirements and PSD graphic files, all pages were hand coded using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. JQuery libraries were utilized to build customized Drop Down menus, Featured Content/Navigation sliders and modal windows to display Graphical content.


Given visual design specifications, functional requirements and PSD graphic files, the following Email pages were hand coded using HTML and CSS and thoroughly tested to ensure they display properly in various Email clients.

Monthly OffersTouch 2MI Lottery Responsive design

Working as a Contractor, I produced several HTML E-mails and associated Landing Pages for a leading credit card processing firm.

Merchant Warehouse

Given the PSD graphic file for the visual design of the email, I produced HTML emails, compliant with all major e-mail clients, as well as associated Landing Pages. Hand coded pages were produced using HTML, XHTML and CSS. Additional samples available on request.

Merchant Warehouse Email
Merchant Warehouse Landing Page
Merchant Warehouse Email - Landing Pages
Merchant Warehouse Email Newsletter
Merchant Warehouse Bonus Program Email

Working as an Independent Contractor for a local Web design company and given the visual design and PSD graphic files, I hand coded the Web page templates for the index and interior pages of the following Web sites using XHTML and CSS:

Working as a Developer for a large financial institution and given the visual designs and specifications, I produced the following Web module prototypes for usability studies using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript:

Transfer Of Assets

The Transfer of Assets Web Module Prototype allows users to transfer assets on a single screen in a sequential and efficient manner. Module functionality includes use of "modal" windows to search for and select assets and perform full or partial transfers.


XFBC Securities Details

The XFBC Securities Detail Web Module Prototype allows users to view many categories of securities information with real-time values in a single page. Module functionalities include the ability to expand or collapse information sections individually or together, as well as the ability to view schedules in "pop-up" windows.



Working as the Information Architect, Designer and Developer, I solely produced the following Web sites for local businesses and organizations.

Leppo Team

LeppoTeam.com is a web site for a local realtor that provides information about current listings, resources, testimonials and a web form. In addition to creating the architecture, visual design and graphical elements, customized code was developed to display and play a video file.


All Season Tree Service

All Season Tree Service is a local, family owned tree removal company. The Web site provides information about the scope of their services, history of the company and company certifications. Customers are able to contact the company by using the web form on the Contact Us page.


Town River

The Town River web site was an informational site created for the Town River Stewards. The site provided areas to post committee meeting minutes, photo documentaries of group activities, and the Shoreline Survey completed by stream team members.



Cheap Sneakers

Louie Leeman and Cheap Sneakers is a promotional site for a local band. Site features include playing schedule, Guest Book, Contact Form, and audio files.



Marybeth Lawton

Marybeth Lawton is a local politician who asked for campaign assistance to create an informational website for her candidacy. Site features include a form for people to select volunteer activities.


Sea Jewlz

Sea Jewlz was an e-commerce website designed to display and sell items created by a local jeweler. The site utilized PayPal to select and make payments for items.